The EatWell Guide


The origin of the ‘EatWell Plate’

The EatWell plate was launched on 16th sept 2017, with the objective to be a visual tool for the general public and health care professionals to utilise by illustrating the types and proportions of foods that make up a balanced diet. – It was an update of the previous balance of good health model (DoH 1994)

The EatWell Guide is a policy tool used to define national government recommendations and illustrated a healthy balanced diet ( Issued on 17th March 2016

New changes

  • Knife & fork : removed
  • Images : drawn
  • Segment titles have been renamed 
  • High sugar / fat / salt  foods:  removed and now situated outside the plate
  • Purple section : emphasis on unsaturated fatty acids (clarifying the difference between saturated ‘bad’ fats and unsaturated ‘good’ fats)
  • Hydration message : encouraging 6-8 cups per day and highlighting to need to limit fruit juice/ smoothies to 150ml/d
  • Food labels : traffic lights, a practical way of making food shopping easier and empowering the comsumer to make healthy informed choices. 
  • Promotion of fibre intake: as recommendations have increased to 30g/d

The Guide is not intended to be a sole source of information, it is intended to be a starting stool for those with the knowledge and skills to educate the general public further, tailoring the Guide to individuals needs, requirements and preferences.

Ben Dunn