Maintaining a healthy weight

🥑Even healthy eaters can have too much of a good thing.

🍽The key to weight maintenance is portion control.


🍽Often if you are struggling to lose weight, portion size control could be the reason why.

⚖️The simple concept of energy balance: the energy we put into our bodies (food and drink) versus the energy we expend (daily activities, exercise etc). For weight loss we aim to move more and eat less / adopt a healthy balance diet.

👩🏻‍We all require a certain amount of calories to provide our body with energy for growth, repair and movement.

👩🏻‍The UK estimated average energy requirements are 2,000kcal for a women and 2,500kcal for a man.

Please note that these numbers are a guideline and there is no one size fits all rule when it comes to energy requirements.

🙋🏻‍Your own energy requirements takes into account your weight, gender, activity levels, health status etc.

🥑All food contains calories... even the healthy stuff.

🍽Watching your portion size and checking if your meal is balanced and healthy is the first step for successful weight loss.

The Eatwell guide is a handy guide to illustrate the proportions of different foods we eat and have a healthy balanced diet. To get the balance right, it’s is important to include some of each group as they provide us with different nutrients. A diet plentiful in fruit a vegetables, starchy carbohydrates (whole grain) along with some lean protein sources and low-fat dairy products. Avoid or limit eating too many foods high in fat or high in sugar, as these are often termed empty calories (contain no nutritional benefit). 


- Aim for your 5-a-day fruit and vegetables. Be open to choice and select a colourful array.

- If you cook too much, pack left overs into a lunch box and use the next day.

- Try using cups and spoon measures to measure portions of dried goods like oats, rice, pastas etc.

- Eating out, food tends to be richer than our norm, try asking for a side of vegetables.

- Often portion sizes when eating out are big, so ask to take left overs home.

- Aim for 1/2 plate of vegetables, 1/4 plate of starchy carbohydrates (wholegrain where poss), 1/4 plate of lean protein.

Lindsay Benson