Top 10 pet peeves of a dietitian


Top 10 pet peeves of a Dietitian 🐶🐕

👩🏻‍⚕️1. When your name gets spelt dietician & not dietitian.

👩🏻‍🏫2. When we get mistaken as a nutritionist. When we’ve spent a good four years at university & continued learning post university to obtain a wealth of knowledge & up-to-date information to become a registered dietitian (or registered nutritionists). Not an online course for £20.

🥣3. When people ask what you do for a living, &discover your a dietitian, you tend to hear what they ate for breakfast, or they ask you ‘can you give me a diet’, “what’s the best food to eat”, “what can I eat to lose fat on my tummy”, “I hardly eat anything, why am I not loosing weight”... most often my answer follows as “I’m sorry, I cannot give you specific dietary advice without knowing your full medical, social and drug history”.

💸4. When you turn up to a full clinic & the majority of patient do not attend (DNA), some are polite and cancel, the extra time is appreciated to write up clinical notes but DNA’ing a NHS appointment is a waste of NHS money and clinical time.

🥕🚿5. The word ‘clean eating’ which creates a large following on social media. What actually is clean eating??? To me it sounds like people cleaning their food items


🧁6. When the cakes & biscuits get hidden, or a rep visit just brings you salad... come on, dietitian’s are humans to, & we enjoy the occasional treat as part of a healthy balanced diet.

🍵7. Large companies and social media promoting detox products. We are very fortunate to have a liver to do all of our necessary detoxing that we do not require these silly expensive detox or cleanse diets.


🙈8. When companies add the word ‘protein’ in-front of their product to boost sales and make it sound healthy.

😒9. When people say “my diet starts tomorrow”, the excuses keep following, probably so much so that I could write a small novel the amount of excuses I hear in GP land. Instead of creating excuses people need to learn to focus on healthy behaviours & changing habits long term.

🍞10. Too many people fear gluten containing products (bread), &remove these from their diet to help aid weight loss. Unless you a coeliac there is no clinical need to remove gluten

Lindsay Benson