I am a UK registered Dietitian, I adhere to the rules defined by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and those stated on the British Dietetic Association, with attention to the BDA Social Media Guidance.  I am also member the Nutrition Society in which i presented my paper on n-3 Fatty Acids in Athletes at the summer conference in 2015.

As a registered dietitian, I am ongoing training to translate the scientific literature regarding food, diet and nutrition into practical and useable information for the general public. Throughout my blog i aim to use and develop my skills as an ongoing learning process and present in an accurate and professional manner. I am a qualified Sport and Exercise Scientist. BSc (Hons) degree obtained from the University of Birmingham 2010.

This blog encompasses my three passions; Food, Fitness and Science. My aim is to inspire and motivate others to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle in a simple and easy way. I do this by writing about nutrition, providing top dietary and fitness tips, publishing workouts and fitness regimes, creating healthy alternative recipes and reviewing current health products, all of which i share on my my blog and social media outlets.  I promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I believe in balance and moderation. I feel passionate that one diet and fitness regime does not fit everyone, each plan should be personalised and tailored to the individual. In the same sense that foods cannot be classified as 'good' or 'bad'.  My blog is an outlet for my passions and reflects who i am personally, it provides you my followers a snapshot into my life, and i will only blog and post about items i believe in and love. This blog is a hobby, and although it takes up a considerable amount of my 'free time' it is a part of my life i am passionate about, i love it! and all the comments and feedback i receive are truly humbling and motivates me to continue. Every comment left, i read and endeavour to reply.

Please note that all workouts published are just to show you what type of workout are available. Please consult a qualified Personal Trainer before par taking in a new exercise regime.

All information provided on my blog and/or other social media outlets are independent and 100% my own opinion. As an evidence-based practice, any archived posts providing nutrition and health advice may not (despite all efforts) contain the most up-to date information. Any information or advice provided on this website is of general nature and should not replace the individualised health information or advice provided by a qualified Healthcare Professional (dietitian, doctor, nurse etc). I never make or support unjustifiable statements relating to particular products (as per HCPC & BDA guidelines) or promote one product/ brand over another (as per food industry regulations).

Tags: If a recipe is tagged as"vegan", "gluten free" or "vegetarian" it is still your individual responsibility to check whether or not the ingredients are  vegan/ gluten free/ vegetarian. If you are following a specific diet i recommend you follow individualised information provided by your healthcare professional. For more information visit the NHS Choices page as appropriate.

I have recently started holding competitions/ giveaways as a method of interacting and thanking my followers as well as providing an opportunity for others to try new products. I am very selective about the products i choose to use as prizes. The prizes are provided to me free of charge, however, sometimes i use my own money to purchase them. Unless stated otherwise all competition are only open to UK residents (due to postage)

Across all social media platforms transparency and ethics in writing and reporting is extremely important. With this in my mind I adhere to the principles identified by RDs4Disclosure UK (with the intention of joining the pledge once fully qualified) and to blog with integrity and therefore I will not provide any false or misleading information.

As a member of the general public you have the right to know whether or not I have accepted money or free samples in the process of formulating my views and opinions (as defined by the Internet Advertising Bureau guidelines). Any sponsorship or compensation will be clearly marked on each blog post and will never influence the content, recommendations or posts on this blog.  Mentioning or featuring a product does not imply endorsement, the exchanging of any monetary incentive or recommendation. All of the opinions on this website are 100% honest and my own opinions.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about my disclosure policies at leanbeannutrition@gmail.com

*Disclaimer page adopted from Nic's Nutrition