Baked Cinnamon Apple Porridge


Autumn is approaching… But with today’s miserable weather it feels like it’s here already

A heart warming breakfast recipe

Baked Cinnamon Apple Porridge

1 large red apple
Oats (enough to fill your apple)
Almond milk/ water/ milk/ coconut milk etc…

Served with
Greek yoghurt

Protein powder (vanilla) **optional
Goji berries

  1. Remove the core of the apple
  2. Sprinkle the insides with cinnamon
  3. Fill with oats
  4. Add 1 tbsp of liquid
  5. Top with some of the cored apple. Add more cinnamon
  6. Place in a muffin tin (helps to hold the apples shape)
  7. Bake 180C for ~15-20 minutes
Fit Food, BreakfastBen Dunn