Juicing | The Real Juice Campaign
The benefits.

Having a juicer makes it easier for you to obtain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other healthful benefits from fruit and vegetables. The addition of fruit and vegetables to your diet helps lower the acidity of your body (typical western diet is high is acidity). It is recommended to consume 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, juicing helps reduce the volume and makes this target easily achievable.
Juicing let’s you consume a wider variety of fruit and vegetables that many of us may not eat day in day out. Eating the rainbow provides us with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.
Juicing helps pre-digest vegetables. Optimising the amount of nutrients that can be absorbed.
Juicing removes the pulp… This means your body saves energy, that it would require to breakdown the fruit and veg into digestible nutrients. This extra energy can be focused on improving immune system function.

1) Celery, Apple & Kale

2) Apple, Pear & Cucumber

3) Orange, Carrot & Mango

4) Carrot & Orange

5) Beetroot & Pineapple

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