Strawberry French Roll Ups

Wake up your house up happy this weekend with the indulgent smell of warm chocolate and sweet strawberries, enough to entice anyone out of bed 🍓🍫


- 1 egg

- 4 x bread (remove crusts)

 - 6 strawberries

- 1 tbsp chocolate mulberry chips (or any chocolate / Nutella)

- drizzle of maple syrup



  1. remove the crusts from the bread slices and gently flatten with a rolling pin  
  2. finely slice fresh strawberries and layer on top of the bread 
  3. scatter chocolate mulberries chips and drizzle with maple syrup  
  4. starting from one end, roll the bread up
  5. in a bowl fork whisk a single egg 
  6. add the bread roll ups to the egg mix and cover  
  7. place the roll ups on to a frying pan and cook on a medium heat until golden brown  
  8. finish with icing sugar and maple syrup or dip in Nutella  


Lindsay Benson