Trail Running (Kendal Mountain Festival 19th Nov 10k)


Kendal Mountain Festival & My First 10K trail Run‍♀️ Kendal Mountain Festival tracked via Fitbit Surge (GPS) Fitbit UK & Ireland |||

A strong believer of functional fitness and being capable of performing everyday activities and challenges that may face you. Being out in the sun  exploring the countryside and the beauty of nature whilst working beyond the point of exhaustion. For me crossfit training is a means to get fit (and for enjoyment) but also a means to a larger endpoint. For me It’s something to give me the skills, strength, endurance, determination, mental willpower and speed to enable me to live the way I wish, to accomplish challenges and never feel scared or doubt my capabilities to have fun and enter new challenges. If my goal is to set out to be a fully capable independent human, you’ve got to test it. We don’t fully know what we are capable of until we are put in that situation where you have to perform. The world isn’t ordered, structured or safe, it’s unpredictable and throws challenges at you left right and centre to keep you in your toes, off-balance and guessing… its good!

Embrace life.

Challenge yourself.

What else are you training for?

P.S one tip for trail running… get some good trail shoes with extra grip! My trainers (inova8 F-light) were typical crossfitter trainers (as pointed out by the guy working at inov8)

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