Working out in winter

Working out in the UK in winter months can be challenging.

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It’s cold, wet and windy and going outside quickly falls to the bottom of your agenda πŸ›‹


πŸ“This is a perfect time of year to reflect on the past year.

πŸ“•what went well, what have you achieved?

πŸ“—what didn’t go well, where do you need to step up?

πŸ“˜what do you want to improve on?

πŸ“™what do you want to learn?

πŸ“”What were your highlights, what made you feel great and what made you feel not so great?


πŸ“–Just like most things, setting a plan and writing it down helps you to visualise your goals and is a great way to stay motivated.


Organise working out with friends or plan to take part in a class, exercise with a friend gives you the incentive to do something active (plus it’s also harder to cancel on a friend)

πŸŠπŸΌβ€Identify activities that you can do in winter months, indoor activities, home workouts or taking advantage of good weather.

Have the right kit. There is no such thing as bad weather, there are just bad clothing choices. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather and invest in some good winter quality workout wear

🚿Be kind to yourself. Make sure your getting enough sleep. Finish a workout with a long hot bath to help recover and relax.


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Lindsay Benson